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What makes a great campaign?
3rd May 2018 By Katie Clark

In corporate communications, it’s easy to fall into the trap of believing your audience will get behind something because ‘they’re staff and they have to’. In reality, you have to make your messages as engaging as whatever else is popping up on their screens!
The old ‘tell them, tell them and tell them again’ advice has never been so prudent. Using one channel to hit all targets is a habit surprisingly easy to cultivate – but it’s a bad one.
Because it’s you….and because it’s Thursday, here are our top tips for running a successful internal campaign.

  • Have a clear, simple objective – whether it’s behaviour change or a click through
  • Give your communications people and creatives the licence to operate. Give them the parameters then let them do what they’re good at
  • Get the tone right and don’t manipulate
  • Have a consistent, simple narrative and don’t deviate from it. You can make it relatable for different regions, but don’t change the focus
  • Use your comms colleagues as advocates – get them passionate about the campaign and let them loose!
  • Enable your message to go viral. Give designed autosignatures, email buttons encourage status updates on workplace social media
  • Allow messages to flow from the bottom up – don’t rely on your leadership team to sell it. Capitalise on that ‘someone like me’ social proof hook
  • Be flexible and adaptable – arm yourself with the information and tools to flex your campaign channels as you go. If something isn’t working, be willing and able to go another way
  • Have a clear visual identity – across all channels
  • Have a plan for how you will measure and demonstrate success

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